Huang Ching

Senior Manager, Finance, Finance

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

A qualified Certified Public Accountant, 20 years in Accounting across professional, listing, manufacturing, trading companies and started in Xcellink 7 years ago.  Overseeing financial reports, preparing the forecast and report analysis on monthly basis; co-ordinating and consolidating yearly budget.   One of my tasks was to revise the internal payment, credit control process and streamline the payroll process.  I also led the migration of accounting system and reorganised the  financial report within a short time line.  

Xcellink has given me opportunities to be involved in multiple fields of work. It has helped me accumulate knowledge and confidence with  every completion of these assignments.  I enjoyed the bonding time with the team, especially when resolving challenges.  We are a close-knit organisation and comfortable sharing our arguments within the team, but in a good, constructive and positive manner.  I appreciate that the management team is open to suggestions and listen to the feedback  from the ground.