At the heart of our business, Human Capital is the driving force that propels each cycle of Workforce and Technology transformation work that we deliver for our clients. 

Our consultants and service management professionals function as business partners to identify solutions, connect resources, and drive completion.  

Be it the likes of sourcing & deploying for 300 IT service professionals to support a international sporting event, managing over 100 technical resources for a 40,000-seat systems migration project, deploying multi-site teams of operations specialists for world-class Data Centres,  supporting a stock exchange new trading system rollout, or developing a customized system to modernise a client’s business operations – Xcellink brings in the experience and commitment to support our clients’ business requirements from all relevant angles. Our clients leverage on our manpower resources, technology savvy, and intellectual capital to solution, create and sustain multi-year, multi-million dollars worth of business value.

To see through the completion of a project undertaking is of paramount importance to our team. Our approach is always to place human capital management at the top of our mission critical list of project management priorities . We invest constantly in our Consultants’ and Service Managers’ capabilities for them to be strong workforce leaders and people managers;  On every client mission, our key service processes and client advisory is centred on Competency, Capacity, Communications and Culture to steer each project towards successful completion.

The value creation path that we own at Xcellink is all about connecting empowered People, calibrating collaborative Teams, and delivering synergistic Workforce and Technology transformation value for all our stakeholders.