We source globally for technology solutions that help our clients respond productively to business competition and operational challenges. The clientele that we serve are management visionaries and results-oriented tacticians who are fully vested in navigating the business transformation journey for their enterprises. These are industrial leaders entrusted to transform competitive business models and deliver high-impact productivity innovation for their enterprises.

Facilitating this expectation to exceed existing business models, we leverage the technology world for game-changing solutions to turn the best business visions into reality. Our portfolio focuses on versatile and practical solutions to help our clients achieve the goals of Leadership Insight, Business Processes Agility, and Workforce Cultivation.

Cloud Comrade

Cloud Comrade is an enterprise-focused, Singapore-based cloud computing consultancy established in June 2014. It is one hundred percent dedicated to implementing infrastructure as a service solutions and building bespoke IT solutions for our customers on top of cloud platforms.

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Businesses today are challenged with voluminous pockets of key business data residing across disparate systems and complex information structures The quality of data integration tools is becoming increasingly mission critical. Stambia can help mitigates the negative effects and poor reliability of complex information management structure to a considerable extent.

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