Clients can be assured of our team’s track record in delivering results and having the flexibility to support innovation, exceptional conditions and changes in ongoing project environments.

At Xcellink, we have established agile human resource operation practices and processes, including the Human Resource Information System (HRIS), to serve the ongoing needs of our employees. Our employees are empowered to go online for leave applications, claim submissions, viewing their monthly pay slips and clocking in their attendance with ease. Our HRIS provides for easy access to these functions with its self-service modules.

With our clients in mind, we promote personal development for each of our employees, helping our staff plan for their career progression. In turn, we work towards employee appreciation, resulting in loyalty and sustained performance.

Xcellink understands the complex interaction between employee preference and implemented technology settings.

We balance automation with personal attention, enabling us to build a closer relationship with each of our employees. Being in people business, we appreciate the evolution of the relationship between our employees and the organisation. We see ourselves as personal career partners to the people who deliver services to our clients.

The ICT infrastructure and workforce landscape are fast evolving.

evolving. For more than a decade, we have been consulting and collaborating with our clients to develop sustainable business operations models. How we have constantly refined our operations management approach is the key reason why our best works are with people who have trusted us since then.