Human Resource Management

As the science responsible for people and organisational development, our HRM solutions aim to assist in streamlining human resources activities from hiring to performance assessment. Our HRM management processes include personnel onboarding, workforce planning and measurement, learning, training and development, and managing performance and rewards. From payroll and recruitment to attendance and basic HR functions, our HRM solutions have benefited small and big businesses in streamlining their workforce strategy and preparing for the next step in HR evolution.

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Workforce Immersion & Scheduling Enablement (W.I.S.E) is our solution program that employs the best practice scheduling process and resource management expertise to meet workforce availability requirements. It is designed to eliminate staff scheduling and plan challenges for increased efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction across the organisation. With such proprietary scheduling knowledge and resource management expertise, we take responsibility for our operations to meet your workforce availability requirements.

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Process Automation

We serve as business partners for our clients to deliver Enterprise agility through innovative business processes in automation solutions. Good business processes need to be well-supported by strong information management standards for operational consistency and effectiveness and prevent huge risks to overall competitiveness and profitability. We help our clients to connect and automate critical business workflows to improve employee productivity and smoothen value delivery systems.

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We offer an insightful talent search platform and process that inspires productive workforces. Similarly, our talent sourcing capabilities scope forward-thinking and committed candidates with the right mix of domain knowledge and stakeholder alignment skills.

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Project Management

As a key business driver in many of today’s fast-growing enterprises, the ICT organisation gains better mileage to deliver its strategic objectives by leveraging on resourcing services. We work with clients to perform workforce capacity and load analysis based on current as well as anticipated manpower market conditions, to derive realistic and resource-optimised project delivery plans. Through this, we help our clients conserve ICT project management resources by taking ownership of time-consuming deployment capacity issues and routine management activities.

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Our technology-savvy and knowledge-driven team bring onboard CAPABILITIES & CATALYSTS by working with clients to connect, develop and implement curated Programs, Initiatives & Partnerships that help to deliver strategic business transformation and growth missions.

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