Our Enterprise Operations Fulfilment Centre provides clients with access to the services of our experienced IT Project Management professionals and Technology-savvy Resource Specialists. With highly-optimized and contingency-factored resource management models, we aim to deliver operations-ready service teams with competitive cost-effectiveness and healthy operational stability components to upkeep the service levels for the end-customer satisfaction entrusted to Xcellink.

  • Plan, develop and execute pre-recruitment talent needs through research and analysis
  • Design and project management of pre-recruitment events for clients to survey the talent pool conditions and to engage targeted prospective talent
  • Provide clients with employer outreach support, including tapping into strategic hiring online platforms and industry event opportunities for prospective talent pool engagement
  • Technology Training-integrated Recruitment project management and delivery for clients to hire and onboard new technology workforce equipped with specific emerging technology/innovation skills and/or product knowledge
    • International talent and expertise scouting of in-demand technology specialists for innovation and strategic technology projects in the following domains:
    • Data Science & Data Engineering
    • CyberSecurity
    • FinTech
    • AI, Machine Learning, RPA



We help clients identify business process re-engineering opportunities for workforce optimisation and digitalisation of business workflows that drive operational productivity and cost-effective returns. Our structured yet versatile approach is all about helping our clients discover, align, prioritise and implement their operations transformation initiatives and programs.

  • Workforce and operations management requirements analysis
  • Regional operations offshoring planning and setup
  • Workforce Scheduling Systems POC development



At Xcellink, we harness the technology world for game-changing solutions to turn the best business visions into reality. We know our insights and commitment are the key to support our clients’ innovation journey. Our analysts and consultants are guided by leading resources for solutions thinking, tapped into latest and well-proven technology solutions with solid potential to yield the desired business transformation results.

  • Data Science & Data Engineering Solutions & Platforms
  • Robotic Process Automation and AI Technologies for Professional Services
  • Open Innovation & Collaboration Partnerships Facilitation

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