WiSE maintains the critical supply of specialist resources needed by our clients via our resource prequalification and pooling system.

The program is structured for clients to have access to a pool of pre-qualified ICT resources for just-in-time deployment, with the added option for Xcellink to manage the deployment scheduling on behalf of the client. Using our proprietary scheduling system and resource management expertise, we take responsibility for staffing up to meet the workforce availability requirements, thus saving valuable resources and time on our clients’ part for candidates selection, hiring, scheduling and resource gap contingencies management such as for attrition or unplanned absence incidences.

With highly-optimized and contingency-factored resource management models, we aim to deliver operations-ready service teams with competitive cost-effectiveness and healthy operational stability components to upkeep the service levels for the end-customer satisfaction entrusted to Xcellink.


Service Experience

  • End User Service Desk
  • Technical Help Desk
  • Data Center 
  • Customer Contact Center


24/7 Operations

Guaranteed Availability

Workforce Scheduling

Shift Management

Resource Backfilling

On-Boarding and Training