SPOTlite – January 2019

Cheng Hao is one of Xcellink’s Security Analyst. His scope of work includes monitoring and analysing traffic on the network using a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform along with other high-end cybersecurity monitoring technology to keep up with the latest trend of cyber intrusions.

His job scope covers :

– 24×7 Internet Security Surveillance
– Security Incident Management and Escalation
– Assisting in the detection and resolution of problems caused by security incidents
– Providing first level troubleshooting of devices
– Aiding engineers when performing troubleshooting
– Reviewing IT security updates


Qn 1. How does technology interest you?

CH – Just the Internet of Things. Communications are better. Searching for information is more convenient now compared to when we had to spend hours at the library flipping through books. The possibility of smart homes is something to look forward to.

Qn 2. What is your plan for career development (within or outside of your current work scope)?

CH – As more businesses run on IT platforms, having to provide assurance and quality of services are in demand. Currently, I wish to remain in the IT sector to further understand IT security, driving better-secured policies on platforms and hope to improve Singapore’s standings globally as a Tech Hub. I will be attending a one-week course next month organized by lCE71 Cylon Singapore. It is one of their Inspired programmes focusing on Cybersecurity.

Qn 3. What skill would you want to pick up that you think would benefit you in your career?

CH – There are a whole bunch of skills that would benefit my career but here are a few that I would like to focus on, CREST CRT and CPSA.

Qn 4. If you could interview one person in Xcellink who would it be?

CH – Wendy! During our team’s difficult moments, she was extremely approachable and helpful. I’d like to have her share on how she manages multiple teams and how her thought process is like when faced with such challenges. As I have hopes to lead and manage my own team one day, any tips and advice shared from her would be beneficial.

Qn 5. What is your passion outside of work?

CH – Breakdancing is still one of my favourites. I was influenced by the dancers in music videos and wanted to try out something new. I joined the dance group in polytechnic as a newbie and was then introduced to breakdancing by the experienced dancers. We started competing and the passion continued all the way through my university days until now. It is also a useful skill to have, I taught dance before to younger kids as a means for additional income.

Qn 6. What do you think the future of IT would look like?

CH – A more cashless society surely, with better automatons and hopefully a less divided world. With more accurate translations, it would help to understand the differences between people better.

Qn 7. Which Superhero do you think would be best at doing your job?

CH – Other than the outfit, I think Doctor Octopus from Marvel will be very well suited for my job. Having his telepathically-controlled mechanical arms, it will be a breeze to monitor and run those tedious procedures across the board. Although, my favourite Superhero is Daredevil.