Power of One

Working in a team is somehow inevitable in any organization. Teamwork is a resource that we sometimes take for granted. We always expect for it to be ever present and put a little emphasis on ensuring that this resource is readily available.

At a granular level, Teams are made up of individuals with different goals, aspirations, characters, genders, experience and skill sets. The ability of organisation to harness the strength and bridge the gaps between these individuals can result in a strong, solid and bonded unit. This should be done without limiting individuality amongst the team members.

The benefit to individualism in the workplace will lead to a high level of personal responsibility. It creates an environment that helps to mitigate assumptions that other members in the team will pick up the slack. It encourages healthy competition and allows employees to demonstrate their own talents and ability. It also paves the way to innovation and creativity within the organisation.

The ability of leaders to bind common objectives across team members can help to send clear messages on the goals to be achieved. Having the team’s sight glued on the goals will help direct them towards the intended outcome while at the same time sorting out the inevitable challenges on team dynamics issues.