We enhance fast-paced IT organisations that operate within complex and challenging ICT environments.

As large enterprises and organisations embark on key transformation projects or scale up to deliver to mounting business needs, agility becomes an impending issue and potential stumbling block to the proper execution of a strategy; existing core teams and key personnel will have to be hard-stretched to deliver transformation in addition to business-as-usual deliverables.

The options to plan for and mitigate such challenges are highly viable through specialist ICT operations management service providers. New lines of business that require new ICT platforms and services to be rolled out can benefit from specialist skills injection through contract workforce augmentation. With the need for key personnel to focus on heavily-invested strategic innovation projects to deliver the high-returns of management expectations, ICT organisations can look to working closely with operations management service partners to deliver routine tasks and service commitments as an outsourced managed service, or to periodically activating onsite personnel secondment arrangements with the partner. Innovation projects can take off without compromising business-as-usual ICT operations delivery with proper resource planning and outsourcing arrangements.

We know this, because we have supported our clients through the same journey and beyond. With our Xcellink Enterprise Operatations Fulfillment Centre well-honed by over two decades of operations delivery support experience, we augment fast-paced IT organisations that require scalable workforce capacity and cost-effective project management resources to support mission-critical technology deployments. Clients count on us to overcome manpower supply and operational challenges with our expertise in manpower resources planning, service processes development, operations delivery and service levels management.