The business pipeline of an Enterprise is at risk when its talent pipeline is not up to speed. As enterprises face the rapid need to transform business models and evolve supporting organisation structures and capabilities, new roles and skillsets are required to replace traditional ones.

The challenge to hire has never been tougher; companies need Transformation-Ready and Tech-Savvy Professionals for their talent pools. The costs of high talent mobility is on an escalatory path as companies hire under increasingly competitive market conditions. Remuneration expectations and market benchmarks skyrocket, but sustainability and returns on personnel investment are oftentimes uncertain.

It is without doubt however that Enterprise Transformation can begin to take shape only when the enterprise is able to secure the talent that can conceptualise, execute and deliver its value. The mission for talent management is an ideal one for incorporating Alliance Management thinking. To source out and attract suitable talent, companies can look towards forming alliances with a search firm that understands and articulates its talent proposition best.

Conversations with career seekers have become more complex in the past years – companies have as much to prove as the candidates themselves, if not more. In the hiring process, career seekers and employers need to be able to establish an alignment of values and commitment level before entering into the professional alliance ahead. For companies to secure the talents that they have set sights on, a talent consultancy has to be well-poised to help both hiring managers and career seekers to navigate and facilitate purposeful interactions for a meaningful and outcome-driven engagement process.