Letitia Yong Le Ling

Talent Acquisition Consultant, Enterprise Operations

“You are the Artist of your own life. Don’t hand the Paintbrush to anyone else”.

As a former flight attendant with my wings clipped, I entered the recruitment industry. With my fast learning ability, humble learning attitude, and customer service experience, I believed I could stand still on the field.

As a Talent Acquisition Consultant, I serve as a liaison between Xcellink and our valued customers, both internal and external. I provide solutions and strategies on how to fulfil resource gaps with suitable talent, as well as managing the candidate’s life cycle, from initial application to final job offer. My job entails retaining key workers as well as developing and maintaining morale among their labour force.

Xcellink provided me with all of the required guidance and opportunities for advancement. I consider myself truly blessed to be a member of the team.