SPOTlite – March 2021

In March 2021, our XPLORE team launched our 1st i2i Internship to Innovation – Core Ramp Up Traineeship Program.

i2i is a program designed to add value to internship/ traineeship/apprenticeship with an aim to nurture and connect budding Tech Talents to industry players. This program focuses on producing and re-skilling tech professionals with the aim to inject new talents into the industry through an innovative process that starts with recruitment, comprehensive learning journey and finally, the delivery of ready resources. It is not specific to any technology but it aims to develop talents to any skillset that may be of interest, demand and of short supply.

Gabriel was drawn to Xcellink’s i2i program for the opportunity to gain new skills in software development and the real hands-on work experience that it offers.


Qn 1. What drew you to Xcellink’s  i2i Internship to Innovation – Core Ramp Up Program? 

Gabriel: To gain new software development and work experience in this field through this internship.

Qn 2. What are the 3 important skills that you have learned in this program?

Gabriel: Communication, problem-solving, and Time management skills.

Qn 3. How do you think this program will help you in your future career progression and opportunities?

Gabriel: By gaining new programming skills and having an opportunity for real-world attachment, I believe this program will enable me to expand my career opportunities as an Outsystems developer.

Qn 4. How do you keep yourself focused and concentrated on the remote training program? 

Gabriel: For me, positivity is always the guiding principle while I’m doing or learning something new. I look forward to each and every day!

Qn 5. Can you describe how successful the course outcome was compared to your expectations?

Gabriel:  My first impression was that adapting to the program would be difficult due to a gap in my studies since poly. Furthermore, I had the feeling that the trainer would be teaching at a fast pace, making it difficult to seek assistance, especially given that the course is held online. But I adjusted well and performed admirably in the program. Not to mention how helpful the trainer was in every way.

Qn 6. Are you confident in your ability to take on low-code development projects after completing this training?

Gabriel: Yes.

Qn 7. Do you plan to engage in further training in this area? Why?

Gabriel: Yes, definitely. If there are opportunities, I’d like to be able to gain more knowledge to become an expert in Outsystems.

Qn 8. What advice would you give to new trainees that are interested in this program?

Gabriel: Simply believe in yourself and participate in the programme. You will definitely gain valuable skills, techniques, and work experience that will be extremely beneficial when you enter the tech job market, as it was for me.

Qn 9.  Would you recommend this training to a friend or colleague?

Gabriel: Yes, definitely if someone is interested in becoming a software developer.

Qn 10. What do you think the future of IT would look like?

Gabriel: I believe that It will most likely take over a large number of jobs in the future, creating a strong demand for low-code software developers. That is when the skills I have gained through this program will be most beneficial to me