SPOTlite – March 2019

Norhaizat’s current post as a Roving Desktop Engineer allows him to provide our client’s onsite team with islandwide support whenever there is a shortage in manpower, be it in the form of tech support or project support. Depending on the schedule given he could be assisting to resolve cases or doing assets checks at various locations.

With almost 10 years of experience under his belt, Haizat is capable of handling various tech issues with confidence. Always looking for a chance to upgrade himself, he will be taking his Higher Nitec certification in October. Haizat enjoys spending time with his family and playing games either on PC, console or board games.

Qn 1.       How does technology interest you?

Haizat: Its application is what interest me. Have always been fascinated when it comes to technology since I was a kid. Its advancement has made lives a lot easier. 20 years ago, no one would think about having a palm-sized mobile device you can carry around. Now technology is ever-changing, and we are seeing more techs being developed almost every day.

Qn 2.       What is your plan for career development (within or outside of your current work scope)?

H: Well I’m planning to go for my higher NITEC first. Maybe take up some other certified courses along the way not necessarily in IT though. Maybe in handling projects or some business certification who knows, I’m always looking to learning something new.

Qn 3.       Have you faced any challenges whilst working here and how do you think this has helped you in other areas of your life?

H: I took up the position as Team Lead when I joined the company, that was a challenge for me as it was my first lead role. Teaching and having to be patient most of the time when on the job. Working with colleagues who are younger and less experience than me really was a teaching moment. That has helped me learn to keep a cool head in a lot of situations and to look at things from different angles.

Qn 4.       If you could interview one person in Xcellink who would it be?

H: I’d probably say Rajat! He has a lot of experience in the field and I think it is great to just have a 1 on 1 interview to see his view on things.

Qn 5.       What have you always wanted to try but never had the chance to?

H: Hmm, I’m going with deep sea diving. Well, of course, I will need to be certified first. But given a chance, I’d definitely give it a go. Swimming in the sea, looking at all those beautiful underwater lives; that is an experience of a lifetime.

Qn 6.       What do you think the future of IT would look like?

H: Well looking at all the future techs, I probably say a holographic computer, a Star Wars-like hologram comms device and the list goes on. The future holds a lot of promises for the IT field. With a lot of sectors depending or leaning on IT, there is a lot of advancement and options to be made. IT is changing at a rapid speed; the future of IT is a vast expanse. Whether or not we can keep up with IT is a different question.

Qn 7.       Which Superhero do you think would be best at doing your job?

H: Ironman. Definitely, Ironman. I mean, come on he is super tech savvy. Throw him any tech issues he’ll probably solve it in less than an hour lol. Heck, he’d probably even recommend new techs to you. Haha!