SPOTlite – April 2019


Sim Bing Chen is one of the team members providing 24/7 support to project teams. The work involves implementation, installation and configuration of End User PCs and Workstations plus troubleshooting and resolving issues ranging from low to high priority in a timely manner. The issues can be in the area of software application and hardware.

Qn 1. What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you in the course of your work?

Sim Bing Chen: The most interesting thing that has happened to me is that after familiarizing with the area and the equipment, I notice there are some people whom I know during my school and NS days working as officer and engineer. Small world indeed.

Qn 2. What is your proudest moment at Xcellink?

SBC: I would say this is it! The proudest moment is to be chosen to be featured for SPOTlite!

Qn 3. What is your plan for career development (within or outside of your current work scope)?

SBC: Currently, my short-term plan is to learn and gain more knowledge as there will be a new problem to solve, be it software or hardware. Wherever there is IT, I will be there. 

Qn 4. What is your passion outside of work?

SBC: To be honest, my passion outside of work is like my work as I have been exposed to IT since my early childhood. But to be exact, it is mostly video games, learning new technologies & gadgets from news and video.

Qn 5. What have you always wanted to try but never had the chance to?

SBC: Snowboarding and skiing, because there is no way I can learn it in Singapore. So, I must travel to learn. Hahaha!

Qn 6. What do you think the future of IT would look like?

SBC: I think the future of IT will be bright. We have come a long way, from a Rotary Dial telephone to a Touchscreen Smartphone and MS-DOS that uses CLI to GUI. And I’m sure technology will keep improving and are able to help and ease people life.

Qn 7. Which Superhero do you think would be best at doing your job?

SBC: Batman would be the right person as he has high intellect and is able to create his own gadget to help him in his field of work, and even a computer that is better than any of ours.