Fabien Bruder, Co-founder of Stambia

How to do better, do more, and more simply? It is this determination that we put at the service of our customers and our partners.


Stambia helps its customers to accelerate and industrialise both traditional data integration needs and innovating projects around Business Digital Transformation.


  • Integrate decentralized, virtualized and outsourced data.
  • Manage your Hadoop/Big Data/No SQL Integrations.
  • Respond to the new challenges in Business Intelligence with a reliable and efficient solution.
  • Data exchanges between applications.
  • Streamline baseline data despite of multiple applications.
  • Replication and data migration.
  • Facilitate the implementation of web projects.


Stambia is based on a model driven approach, allowing customers to design and start projects quickly, while providing a way to industrialise and reduce the cost of maintenance needs.

Through the agility and the flexibility of Stambia solutions, its customers can explore new ways to innovate businesses. Stambia’s reliability and ability to manage complex transformations extends to both on-premises and in-the-cloud solutions.