Andy Waroma, Founder of Cloud Comrade

Andy has always been known to be at the leading edge of innovation, eager to adopt new technologies and business practices, while striving for simplicity and practicality at the same time.

Ever since he moved to the Asia-Pacific region in 2000, Andy has been working on bringing state-of-the-art solutions to customers and partners. Andy has been starting up companies, new lines of businesses for multinational companies and driven many inaugural technology initiatives and customer implementations.

Cloud Comrade is an enterprise-focused, Singapore-based cloud computing consultancy established in June 2014. It is one hundred percent dedicated to implementing infrastructure as a service solutions and building bespoke IT solutions for our customers on top of cloud platforms. 

Cloud Comrade partner with only the best solution providers working in the field of cloud computing such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud, to ensure that our customers have access to the highest quality, fastest- growing and most innovative cloud advisory toolsets that are available today. When you choose to migrate your IT infrastructure to cloud, your business receives access to an array of highly flexible, scalable tools and services which are available to use as required. This presents a cost saving to businesses as they pay only for the solutions and storage, which they require. Having access to on-demand software solutions within the cloud means that businesses have the freedom to experiment with new strategies without the heavy investment of implementing new software solutions. Cloud can also result in a more creative work culture as it offers unrivalled functionality for employees to collaborate with one another and to share applications and documents in real time.

Cloud computing can help your business to keep their costs down, not just because it requires less investment in computer hardware and software than the traditional, physical IT infrastructure, but also because, thanks to its straightforward manageability and flexible scalability, cloud solutions also help your business to operate more efficiently, allowing you to save both time and money when it comes to getting your products or services to market.

Despite the numerous benefits that cloud computing offers, some business owners may still hesitate to embrace it, concerned about difficulties that a new IT infrastructure may create, both for themselves and for their employees. They may also fear that any difficulties their employees face could affect their ability to deliver optimal levels of service to their customers. Employees, too, may be apprehensive about running and managing applications within the new infrastructure. Cloud Comrade understands that migrating to cloud is only the first step of your journey and that is why they are on hand to help you every step of the way.

Increasingly, forward-thinking businesses in Singapore and throughout South East Asia are choosing to migrate to cloud and it is easy to see why.

Cloud Comrade consulting service can provide help and support with your questions on such matters as how cloud computing can be used for the benefit of your business strategy as well as issues surrounding process design and infrastructure management. The human element is also vitally important to the success of any IT infrastructure.