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Workforce Immersion and Scheduling Enablement - WiSE

W.i.S.E goes beyond the usual service provision. Through a detailed understanding of how clients’ operations are delivered, it collaborates to determine the most suitable and complementary resources necessary for smooth operational delivery. W.i.S.E works together with clients to ensure that your manpower resource availability needs are well taken care of, while giving clients the desired control over operational and delivery needs.

W.i.S.E employs best practice scheduling process and resource management expertise to meet workforce availability requirements.
Availability of Resources Guaranteed- Just-In-Time scheduling will ensure that the number of resources required will be supplied, at any given time during operational hours. W.i.S.E also manages any unplanned absenteeism in resources.
Competency Mapping – Candidates will be reviewed and engaged based on their proficiency in the skills required to deliver the service.