Engaging ICT professionals on contract basis is a challenging task best-handled by a specialist recruitment and HR administration services partner.

Contract professionals are valuable resources, and all the more so when HR bandwidth and high labour mobility are ongoing challenges for many enterprises. Inherent to the fact that contract hiring is on a specific, highly functional and need-to basis, the contracting practice is a necessary and viable means to deliver value for ICT organisations. Enterprises do well to review their mid-to-long term human capital investment objectives and organisational performance in terms of work allocation cost effectiveness, and to determine if the value of work for each role is aligned to the returns intended from direct personnel investment.

There are varied approaches and situations to leverage on the use of contract workforce. For some clients, the additional manpower is contracted to deliver a transformation project. For others, it is to support business-as-usual requirements while the ICT organisation’s core team focuses on the transformation project and especially during critical implementation stages. And in some cases, contracting is a basis for clients to assess the full potential of a professional before hiring directly.

Our contracting knowledge and process comes from over two decades of solid workforce augmentation experience.

In working with us, clients can be assured of our access to the workforce market, regulatory compliance, HR advisory and support mechanisms to function effectively as an extended HR operations arm for our clients. To operate and deliver with high efficiency, our HR processes are deployed and managed via a well-automated Human Capital Management solution.



We understand workforce deployment strategies in meeting operational requirements. 

For many of the leading ICT organisations that we serve, our clients contract up to 80% of their operational workforce to manage operational requirements fluidity and utilisation effectiveness. We work with clients to structure the proper plan to execute the timely contracting of the ICT resources needed; this involves ascertaining the scope, workload, schedule and anticipated peaks and troughs in the operational requirements.