Managed IT Operations

With our ICT workforce optimisation approach, we help our clients conserve ICT project management resources by taking ownership of the time-consuming deployment capacity issues and routine management activities.

Managed IT Operations

As a key business driver in many of the fast-growing enterprises of today, the ICT organisation gains better mileage to deliver its strategic objectives by leveraging on resourcing services. We work with clients to perform workforce capacity and load analysis based on current as well as anticipated manpower market conditions against project deliverables to derive the realistic & resource-optimized project delivery plan. As a business partner for operations delivery, we enable our clients to focus more of their own direct resource investments towards the strategic and critical elements of their ICT & organisation developments.

Through the professional services that we provide for Managed IT Operations, clients essentially leverage on our operations workforce and project management competencies to scale up on the capacity to support higher volume of service requirements and with greater timeliness. Our operations expertise is about integrating people-process-performance considerations within our service models to deliver the Service Levels entrusted to Xcellink. As a managed services business partner for our clients, we take responsibility for the right-sizing, deployment and service levels management of the workforce.

The Managed IT Operations team comprises of the most versatile and collaborative professionals that we have at Xcellink.

Our services experience is wide-ranging including Data Centres, Network Operations Centre, IT Security Operations Centre, Business Applications Maintenance, IT Assets Staging, Systems Migration and Corporate Technical Helpdesks. We have implemented and managed services requiring coverage for regional support, 24×7 availability, multi-language support.

The ICT infrastructure and workforce landscape is a fast-changing one, we consult and collaborate with clients to evolve the right business operations implementation models that are sustainable and support operational quality consistency. That we have constantly refined our operations management approach is a key reason why some of our best work is with clients that have entrusted Xcellink for more than a decade with their long-term operational needs, and as their partner to support their enterprise growth and key transformation projects.

Client Testimonial Extracts on Xcellink:

“…responsible to ensure that the appropriate staffing, team structure, and timely deployment of manpower resources to meet the workload and service level requirements
“…proficient in conducting resource workload analyses, and was effective in scaling up the manpower and operational delivery capabilities that were required to support the growth of our business volume.”
“…served our needs well with their reliability, cooperative spirit, and abilities to consistently deliver excellent operational performance…”