Jen Nie Kwok
Every Job Scope is only a starting point for us to do our job, and it’s certainly not a route to success for the individual or the organization. There is always the need to evaluate what is really of value, what is needed, and what is within our real individual capabilities.

My Story

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Jen Nie directs the talent and capabilities development strategy in Xcellink to deliver its ICT services and solutions with greater agility and innovation. She formulates strategic business collaborations with key technology partners and industry leaders for Xcellink to offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions to clients. To ensure Xcellink and its clients stay ahead in an age of rapid technology evolutions, Jen Nie drives business process innovation strategies and mindset within the organization.

Having worked previously in other industries such as the Consumer Electronics and Semiconductor sectors that have seen drastic business cycle changes and rapid technology evolutions, Jen Nie is a firm believer that business process innovation is a must-have strategy and critical management mindset required in every professional field and commercial function in order for any organization to thrive under highly competitive and challenging business conditions.

Drawing from over 15 years of regional business development, marketing management and ICT services management experience, Jen Nie has embraced the role & challenge as Chief Executive since August 2013 and is navigating Xcellink on its business transformation journey to compete in the ICT services and solutions market with greater innovation and agility.

Jen Nie graduated from the NUS Business School in 1998, and is currently serving as Honorary Secretary of the Singapore Enterprise Chapter for the Singapore IT Federation. She enjoys knowledge sharing and organizing sessions for industry professionals to exchange insights. As part of her industry contribution efforts, Jen Nie had participated as an invited conference panelist at Human Capital Singapore to share her perspectives on Business Productivity through Technology, and have also delivered a seminar on Navigating the Asian Enterprise for an international delegation of MBA undergraduates from the EDHEC Business School.